Schiff staffer met with key impeachment witness on summer trip to Ukraine: Report

Trump loyalists believe the latest push to impeach the president is another set-up orchestrated by the left — and they may be right.

A new report from Breitbart has revealed that one of Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) staffers met with acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, who is now a top witness in House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, during a summer trip to Ukraine. And the implications of this could spell trouble for the California congressman.

Follow the paper trail

There is no denying the fact that one of Schiff’s staffers headed to Ukraine. It is well-documented that Thomas Eager was one of about a dozen congressional staffers who went on a “Ukraine Study Trip” over the summer that was financed by the Atlantic Council.

Not so surprisingly, the council is funded in part by Burisma Holdings, according to Breitbart. (Yes, the same Burisma Holdings where Hunter Biden once held a board position.)

Ambassador Taylor was in Ukraine at the time of Eagar’s trip, which spanned the last week in August, and the group’s itinerary shows that they met with Taylor when they first arrived in Ukraine.

Of course, Schiff’s office has not exactly been forthcoming with information about this visit other than to deny anything hokey went on during the trip. Now that Taylor has become a key witness in the impeachment inquiry against Trump, though, Schiff’s denial seems to worth about as much as day-old bread.

Something smells Schiff-y

This all ties together with the original whistleblower complaint that was made against Trump. Considering its financial ties to Burisma, the Atlantic Council would have known if there was any investigating being done into the possible corruption by the Bidens.

Taylor surely would have known something as well.

Putting on our conspiracy theory hat, it is very possible to believe that Schiff’s staffer got wind of what was going on and relayed the information about a possible Trump request to Ukraine back to the California congressman.

When you look at the dates of the trip, the date of the original filing of the report, and the day Schiff openly demanding the complaint be made public, everything seems to fall right in line.

This would also explain just how Schiff and co. were made aware of Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in the investigation.

Something clearly stinks here — and it all points to Adam Schiff. Will he soon be facing charges? Only time will tell.

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