Schiff says any Republican investigation of Biden would be obstruction and damage our democracy

President Donald Trump’s tenure in office has been beset by incessant investigations from Democrats, all of which have been championed by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

Schiff, however, recently decried the possibility that Republicans might similarly launch investigations against a potential Joe Biden administration, which he asserted would be dangerous to our nation’s democracy and would only be done for partisan purposes, Fox News reported.

Those claims are quite astonishing coming from the congressman who perpetuated the unsubstantiated Russian collusion narrative, promoted an anonymous whistleblower with baseless claims against the president, and led the highly-partisan impeachment effort that failed in the bid to see Trump prematurely removed from office.

Stunning hypocrisy

Schiff made the stunningly hypocritical remarks during an appearance on MSNBC with host Joy Reid, who asked in apparent seriousness whether Schiff predicts that Republicans will show any interest in legislating or spend all their time harassing a Biden administration with never-ending investigations.

“What they want to focus on is investigating,” Reid asked. “Is this what we’re going to have to sit through for the next four years, Republicans just doing investigations and refusing to legislate?”

“Well, we may. You know, certainly, I think you’re absolutely right about the fact that this wouldn’t be going on right now, this obstruction of the transition wouldn’t be going on if Republicans weren’t allowing it to go on,” Schiff replied, in reference to the reticence of most Republicans to immediately accept media projections of a Biden win.

“Indeed, that’s been the story of the last four years,” the congressman continued. “You wouldn’t have the breakdown of the Justice Department under [Attorney General] Bill Barr if Republicans had stood up and defended that institution. You wouldn’t have the abuse of the pardon power, you wouldn’t have the stonewalling of subpoenas, you wouldn’t have the flagrant violations of the Hatch Act, holding the convention on the White House grounds, but for Republicans going along with it.”

Double standard

The irony completely lost on him, Schiff said these types of actions from Republicans would “delegitimize Joe Biden.”

“[T]hey’re going along with it still, and it is just tearing down our democracy,” Schiff said. “I do expect, in the new Congress, that yes, they will continue to try to go after Joe Biden, delegitimize Joe Biden. They won’t be interested in getting things done because they’ll feel, particularly [Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy [(R-CA)] in the House, that if we govern well than it impedes their ability to change the majority in the House.”

So, in summary, it was perfectly acceptable — indeed, patriotic — for Schiff and his fellow Democrats to incessantly investigate the Trump administration, attempt to delegitimize Trump’s presidency, and play partisan games, such as refusing to compromise with Republicans on legislation in order to help maintain majority control of the House.

But if Republicans even consider doing anything of the sort toward a Biden administration, that would be a threat to our democracy and pure obstructionism that must be strongly condemned and “overcome” by valiant public servants like Schiff. Does he actually think the American people will buy that?

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