Adam Schiff pulls endorsement of LA district attorney amid protests

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey, a Black woman, has suddenly found out that she no longer has the support of her congressman in her upcoming re-election campaign.

On Saturday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) pulled his support from Lacey, according to the Daily Wire.

BLM strikes again

Why would Schiff suddenly pull support from Lacey, a woman who is now in her third term and seems to have been very successful at her job?

The answer is simple, namely, that Lacey has recently been targeted by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement for allegedly failing to prosecute enough police officers during her tenure.

Schiff, like most Democrats these days, has decided to buckle in the face of extremist pressure and has withdrawn his support for Lacey.

Lacey responds

Amid the onslaught of criticism or her prosecutorial record, a record with which Schiff never previously registered any complaint, Lacey responded in her own defense, stating:

As the first African American woman to hold the L.A. County D.A.’s office, I am proud of my record of taking on systemic racism and reforming criminal justice – from bail reform, to reducing juvenile cases by nearly 50%, to increasing our office’s focus on mental health treatment instead of incarceration.

Lacey further declared, “I am singularly focused on doing the work of the people of L.A. County during this time of crisis.”

In the current political climate, however, it is probably essentially a foregone conclusion that Lacey will lose her bid for re-election.

Garcetti pulls support

In addition to Schiff, Lacey has also lost the support of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has reportedly just walked back prior expressions of support for her campaign.

Mayor Garcetti had endorsed Lacey roughly 18 months ago, and like Schiff, never seemed to have had any issues with her record until recently.

The recent push against Lacey is believed largely attributable to a viral video of her husband pulling a gun on BLM activists who were protesting outside their home earlier this year.

Once that footage went public, Lacey became a target, and only time will tell whether she will be able to overcome the outrage mob and ultimately keep her job.

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