Schiff public appearance turns into a protest against Trump impeachment

We all knew that at some point, Trump supporters were going to start speaking up against Democrats’ abuse. Now, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has had to find out the hard way that most Americans aren’t on his side.

Schiff was making a public appearance at a town hall in California on Sunday when pro-Trump supporters erupted into a protest against the impeachment leader, The Hill reported.

Chaos erupts

The event that was targeted was a commemorative event held by the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). The group invited Rep. Schiff (D-CA) to speak due to the fact he co-authored a recent resolution passed by the House commemorating the Armenian Genocide by Turkey during WWI.

Outside of the event, some protestors had gathered to show their disapproval of Schiff. Several protestors managed to get inside the event as well, keeping their purpose hidden until Schiff took the microphone.

When Schiff started to speak, they reportedly shed their outer layers to reveal Trump-related gear, then they started to yell at Schiff to disrupt his speech. Take a look:

Needless to say, the ANCA was very upset with an event that was not political in nature being thrust into chaos because of the protest. The group issued a statement via Twitter saying as much:

Protest respectfully

This event may not have been the most appropriate time or place to call out Adam Schiff, but the fact that the protest happened at all is very telling. Americans are fed up with Adam Schiff’s ham-fisted impeachment, and they’re speaking up about it.

However, as conservatives, we have spent the last two years criticizing liberals for disrupting events such as this with their protests, so we cannot allow ourselves to fall down to this level. Save the protests and disruption for town halls, Democrat rallies, and political fundraisers.

Schiff will no doubt be appearing throughout his district in the coming months, so there will be plenty of opportunities to disrupt him and protest him when it is not such a solemn event.

In protest, it is imperative that conservatives and Republicans use their freedom of speech to speak out about government abuse, but it’s also imperative to rise above the underhanded tactics that are being protested in the first place.

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