Schiff opponent takes out epic ad after Dems’ impeachment failure

It is safe to say the failed impeachment effort by House Democrats is going to hurt the ticket from top to bottom.

In what is surely the beginning of a red wave, Los Angeles attorney Eric Early, a Republican trying to unseat impeachment leader and California Rep. Adam Schiff (D), released an epic video “thanking” Schiff for helping get President Donald Trump re-elected, Fox News reports.

Take a look:

Schiff must go

Adam Schiff has been a thorn in the side of Republicans for years. He is emblematic of the classic problem in Washington: politicians getting into office and then never leaving.

Voters seem to get lazy once someone wins a second term, and the opposing party seems to take the attitude these politicians cannot be removed from office. Case in point: Schiff, while doing very little for the people of California, won his seat in 2001 and two decades later, remains seated in Congress.

This election, however, will be much different. The failed impeachment attempt against Trump that Schiff championed should hopefully wake up voters this time around. This witch hunt has proven that we need to make sweeping changes in D.C.

“Adam Schiff walks around acting like he’s this brilliant genius who’s smarter than the rest of us. Yet this so-called genius managed to not only help increase President Trump’s approval ratings but also helped destroy Joe Biden in the process,” Early said. “That takes some serious talent. Of course, that was not the result that Adam Schiff wanted.”

The red tsunami

Most experts believe that Donald Trump will win re-election, it is just a matter of by how much and how deeply it will impact the Republican ticket.

Indeed, not only did the Democrat establishment’s impeachment crusade strike a death blow to the party’s credibility, but if socialist candidate Bernie Sanders wins the party’s nomination, the Democrat ticket could be in even more danger.

Although the far-left voices in the party are the loudest, moderate Democrats worry that if Sanders somehow wins, having more socialist candidates in the House and Senate could allow him to pass socialist legislation much easier.

When Sanders decided to run as a Democrat and the party welcomed the declared independent with open arms, they had no idea doing so could lead to the complete destruction of their party — and now, they are paying the price for their greed and stupidity.

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