Schiff plans to move forward with impeachment inquiry: Report

Now that the disastrous public impeachment hearings are over, everyone wants to know if House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is going to drop the ball, or if he will continue down this path.

On Sunday, Schiff ended speculation about his intentions to move forward, indicating that he has no intention of halting impeachment proceedings anytime soon, according to The Epoch Times.

They still want more

Most of us thought that after the public hearings, the inquiry stage of the impeachment would be over and Dems would have to make a call either way.

But while Schiff said that he is not going to let this drag out forever, he did confirm that is still more documentation Dems would like to get their hands on.

Schiff described moving on the impeachment inquiry as “urgent” because “we have another election where the president is threatening more foreign interference.”

Additionally, Schiff stated that he believes the Democrats have overwhelming evidence to successfully impeach President Donald Trump, and therefore, no further public testimony is required. However, he did leave the door open to scheduling further testimony if necessary.

Still no firsthand evidence

The one thing Schiff does not have, however, is an actual firsthand account that will directly link Trump to any wrongdoing.

He has an ample supply of people that presumed that Trump wanted to hold up aid and a White House meeting in exchange for investigations into Joe Biden, but nobody that ever heard those direct words from Trump’s mouth.

In fact, he has said the complete opposite of that. The only person that directly discussed this matter was European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland, who testified that Trump specifically told him he did not want a quid pro quo from Ukraine.

If you watched the hearings, you saw how much of a farce they were. Counsel constantly led the witnesses and at times, Schiff and/or members of the committee — including majority counsel — gave testimony and merely asked the witness to agree with it.

If this had been a real court hearing, the defense attorney would have been out of his chair every minute objecting to a violation of the court.

Schiff has nothing, but he has no choice but to move forward with the inquiry — and when he does, he will singlehandedly be responsible for getting Trump elected again in 2020.

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