Adam Schiff implicates Mike Pence in impeachment accusations: Report

As was predicted when the impeachment process first started, Democrats have much higher aspirations than just the simple removal of Donald Trump from office.

On Tuesday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) penned a letter to Vice President Mike Pence questioning whether or not Pence was complicit in the alleged scheme to pressure Ukraine to give up information on Joe Biden, The Washington Post reports.

Next target identified

The ideal situation for Democrats is to have both Trump and Pence removed at the same time, which would conveniently pave the way for Democrats to place one of their own in the White House. Next in line just happens to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Schiff got the ball rolling in that direction on Tuesday, when he sent a letter to VP Pence about evidence he claims to have unearthed during the Trump impeachment hearings in the House.

In his letter, Schiff stated the information gathered “raises profound questions about your knowledge of the President’s scheme to solicit Ukraine’s interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.”

The “interference” Schiff is referring to would be an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden.

How it came to be

During the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearings, Pence aide Jennifer Williams provided written testimony. Williams was serving as Pence’s adviser on Russia and brought up to the committee a phone call that took place between Ukraine’s president and Pence.

Pence’s office has refused to declassify her testimony, stating that Pence and the Ukraine leader had not discussed the points of interest brought raised by Schiff.

But because Pence made specific reference to those “points of interest,” Schiff is now trying to make it appear as though Pence made some sort of inadvertently damning admission.

Schiff’s letter read: “Without prompting, the letter volunteers that ‘the Vice President never raised the Bidens, Burisma, or Crowdstrike in his conversations with [Ukraine] President [Volodymyr] Zelensky.’ The Committee neither asserted that, nor asked whether, you specifically used those words.”

Schiff went on to say that a supplemental submission Williams provided to the House committee shows that Pence’s initial letter of response was “purposefully misleading.”

So there it is. Now that the Dems have impeached Trump, they will go after Pence in the hopes of impeaching both of them in one fell swoop. What a shame.

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