Schiff called out for ‘making up quotes’ about Trump’s Ukraine conversation

While making his opening remarks during Thursday’s committee hearing, House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) decided to improvise Trump’s part in the Ukraine conversation.

Schiff was immediately blasted by members of the media and his fellow politicians for making up a dramatic conversation between Trump and Ukraine’s president.

False Impressions

Everyone interested in this impeachment drive by the Democrats was tuned in on Thursday to hear the House Intelligence Committee hearing.

Schiff also knew that most viewers had probably not read the transcript notes. Point being, they would take whatever he said at face value and think his quotes were the actual conversation between the two presidents.

Schiff’s dramatic reading of the transcript made Trump sound like the mafia boss Schiff claims him to be.

If you have read the transcript notes, compare that to what Schiff stated during the hearing…

Republicans Call Schiff Out

Americans have been lied to for two full years from Adam Schiff already. Schiff claimed to have absolute proof of wrongdoing, but the Mueller report tended to disagree with Schiff’s version of the facts.

This time, Schiff had resorted to more political drama during a very serious congressional hearing, building a narrative rather than stating the facts.

This is simply unacceptable, especially considering the political temperature in this country. As soon as Schiff’s opening statement came out, he was absolutely shredded on social media…

After the backlash, Schiff defending his reading of the transcript as clearly a “parody” of the real transcript.

Mr. Chairman, there was nothing humorous about your reading, quite the opposite, actually. The problem, as mentioned above, is that most Americans probably never read the transcript and believe Schiff was reading a word for word account of the conversation.

Schiff’s conduct is shameful and proves once again he is not worthy of holding the gavel on any committee, let along the House Intelligence Committee.

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