MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough accuses Mike Pence of lying about the so-called ‘blue wave’

The liberal media now has Vice President Mike Pence on their radar.

On his MSNBC program Morning Joe, former Rep. Joe Scarborough accused Pence of lying, saying: “I’m saddened by the fact that Mike feels like he has to lie to a reporter, needs to degrade himself for Donald Trump.”

The Blue Wave

According to Scarborough, election Tuesday brought a “blue wave” — and that needed to be recognized.

Pence, like most conservatives, completely disagreed with his assessment of the day.

Traditionally, the first midterm election under a new president is a complete disaster.

The momentum that was built up during the presidential campaign season wanes as voters lose their excitement.

The product of this is generally less of a voter turnout by the president’s party, which usually results in massive losses in both Congress and the Senate.

This year, though, Democrats barely won enough seats to take over the House, even though some projections had them winning more than three dozen seats.

Senate elections were a complete surprise, as Republicans actually gained seats during the election.


But Scarborough didn’t seem to care about that, and continued to light up Pence during his show, even putting the VP’s integrity up for debate by alleging that he stands behind Trump no matter what.

“It always catches up with them and they keep doing it,” the MSNBC host said. “I mean, Tuesday was a massive blue wave, was it not? Especially in the House.”

Well, no, Joe — it was not a “massive blue wave.”

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It was nothing more than high tide — and it barely made it up to the chairs on the beach.

If Scarborough believes that was a wave, the only way to describe the results that will be coming in 2020 is: red tsunami.

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