Suspects in brutal killing of Scandinavian tourists allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS

The violent deaths of two young Scandinavian university students have stunned the world.

Maren Ueland, from Norway, and Louisa Vesterager Jesperson, from Denmark, both in their 20s, were murdered in a suspected terror attack in Morocco.

The four men arrested on suspicion of the murders had allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS in a video that was posted online.

The bodies of the two women, who were avid hikers, were found near Imlil, a village in Morocco’s Atlas mountains.

Both were found dead with cuts to their necks in a remote area where they had pitched their tent. One was reportedly beheaded.

It’s Allah’s Will

Video of the murders showed up on social media earlier in the week.

Danish authorities are investigating the credibility of the video, but said Friday, “At this point, there is no tangible evidence that the video is not authentic.”

In the video, the alleged murderers were heard shouting “It’s Allah’s Will.”

They also believe the men were saying “This is for Syria.”

That is apparently a reference to U.S. military actions in Syria.

However, there are several bogus videos floating around that have not been authenticated.

Suspects Found

In addition, more videos have started to surface.

In at least one of the videos, four men pledging their allegiance to ISIS took credit for the murder.

The men were also taunting authorities, as though they thought there was no chance of them ever being caught.

That hubris was in vain, though, as authorities recently arrested three men that have been associated with the murders.

Additionally, a fourth man was recently captured, apparently accounting for all of the men in the video.

By Friday, Moroccan authorities had announced the arrest of nine more men with suspected links to the first four, the Guardian reported.

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Act of Terror

Both Danish and Moroccan authorities are considering this an act of terror and treating it as such.

This is just a sad reminder that evil will always find a way and we must do everything in our power to end ISIS once and for all.

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