‘Say goodbye to New York City’: Judge Jeanine blasts de Blasio over police budget cuts

The death of 46-year-old George Floyd in Minneapolis late last month set off a firestorm of protests that called for an end to police brutality and, in some cases, for an end to police departments altogether.

Bowing to the mob, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently opted to strip $1 billion from the budget for New York’s finest — a move that Fox News host Jeanine Pirro says would mean “the end of New York City.”

“This is the end of New York City and I absolutely believe this is intentional,” Judge Jeanine told fellow Fox host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday, according to Fox.

“I know from my days as a [district attorney],” she added, “if you don’t have a safe community, say goodbye to business, the economy’s going to go down the tubes, no one’s going to want to move in.”

“A breakdown in society”

Throughout the history of this country, some of the loudest voices heard are those of extremists — but that does not mean they represent the majority. Virtually every national poll taken indicates that most Americans do not support defunding or eliminating police departments.

Even so, we are seeing Democrat mayors across the country cower to the leftist mob — and de Blasio is only the most recent example.

Of course, having no police poses its own problems — and according to Pirro, it will be everyday New Yorkers who pay the price for de Blasio’s misstep.

“You got de Blasio who is literally taking down law and order and yet these politicians…they have their own security,” Judge Jeanine said Wednesday, according to Fox. “What about the rest of us?”

Pirro went on: “We are paying for law enforcement, we’re entitled to that security, and in the end, there will be a breakdown in society.”

“Say goodbye”

Recent news coming out of New York seems to back up Pirro’s assessment of the situation. Violent crime has risen significantly in the Big Apple in recent weeks, as reported by The New York Times, and the city has not even fully reopened yet in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

What is going to happen when restrictions are lifted and millions of New Yorkers hit the streets with less police, less undercover operations, and far more crime? According to Pirro, “it’s not going to be good.”

“Say goodbye to New York City,” she said Wednesday, according to Fox, “and you can thank Bill de Blasio and the people on the left.”

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