Saudis working on alliance with China under Joe Biden’s ‘careless’ foreign policy

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Some of Joe Biden’s failures while in the White House are easy enough to see, but there’s one that has been harder to quantify.

Americans already know the extent of his policies that allow massive inflation and surging energy prices, his wide-open southern border that is attracting millions of illegal aliens, his attacks on America’s energy industry, and his border-to-border promotions of abortion and transgenderism for children.

But identifying foreign policy mistakes has been harder to see until now.

It is Con Coughlin, the defense and foreign affairs editor at the Telegraph, and Shillman Journalism Fellow at Gatestone Institute, that has written on that website about how Biden’s “incompetent management of the U.S.-Saudi relationship” has convinced Riyadh to be “looking to China to protect its interests.”

That, he wrote, “confirms the alarming decline in U.S. influence in the region that has taken place under the vacuum in Biden’s leadership.”

He said, “Nothing better illustrates the utter ineptitude of the Biden administration’s dealings with the Middle East than Saudi Arabia’s decision to forge a strategic alliance with China. This is a time when Washington should be working overtime to strengthen its ties with long-standing allies like the Saudis to combat the mounting threat Iran poses to the region’s security.”

He noted not only are Iran’s ayatollahs working on nuclear weaponry but a new “axis of evil” has been formed between Tehran and Moscow so Iran “will soon be taking delivery of state-of-the-art Russian warplanes to add to its military arsenal.”

He wrote, “By any standard, the deepening military cooperation between Russia and Iran should serve as a wake-up call to the Biden administration to redouble its efforts to reaffirm its commitment to key allies in the region such as the Saudis, who are committed to resisting any attempt by Tehran to expand its malign influence in the region.”

But, he said, it is the “Biden administration’s willful neglect of its relations with the Saudis” that has pushed Riyadh to “build a partnership with Beijing.”

That was evidenced by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the kingdom.

“Rarely has a visiting leader been the recipient of such lavish state pageantry as Xi after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman spared no effort to afford the Chinese leader a warm welcome, which included a jet escort on his arrival,” he explained. “During his three-day visit, Xi held extensive talks with the Crown Prince, Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, as well as other senior Saudi officials and signed a strategic partnership agreement that will deepen ties between Riyadh and Beijing on a range of issues, from defense to technology.”

The result that Biden has inspired, Coughlin explained, is that “Riyadh is now moving away from its traditional alliance with the U.S. and strengthening its ties with Beijing” and that is “a strategic disaster of epic proportions.”

The result “serves as a damning indictment of the Biden administration’s careless treatment of the Saudis, for which the president is personally to blame,” he wrote.

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