Saudis respond to Houthi rebels’ missile attack with air strike of their own

On Wednesday, Houthi rebels in Yemen reportedly launched a missile strike into Saudi Arabia.

Thursday, the Saudis returned the favor with an air strike of their own, with hits landing near the Yemeni capital. 

This recent turn of events puts U.S. President Donald Trump in a difficult position, as U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia have been pushed to a breaking point.

The Houthi Strike

The strike against the Saudis was nearly a complete catastrophe. As it was, more than two dozen people suffered injuries.

The strike hit at the arrivals terminal of the Abha airport. Pictures of the strike looked devastatingly horrific, which is why the injury toll being somewhat low was so surprising.

In all, 26 injuries were reported. Eighteen of those were discharged after receiving first-aid at the site. The other eight victims were admitted to a local hospital and are still under care.

After the attack took place, the Saudis immediately put the blame on Iran, whose government is backing the Houthi rebels.

Sweet Revenge

It did not take long for the Saudis to return the favor. Only a day later, air strikes were conducted on the Yemen capital of Sanaa.

Saudi Arabia doubled down by conducting not one but two strikes.

Reports have not yet been made regarding the death or injury toll from the strikes conducted by the Saudis.

This exchange comes only two weeks after the Saudis blamed Iran for striking their oil tanker.

To add even more fuel to the fire, two more tankers were attacked on Thursday with the U.S. Secretary of State already putting the blame on the Iranians.

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