Saudi Arabia intercept missiles fired at its capital city

The butterfly effect of President Trump ending the Iran nuclear deal is starting to show in the Middle East.

One day after Israel conducted a reported air strike against Iranian troops, another report of Iran sending missiles into the Saudi capital surfaced.

Latest Attack

Early Tuesday morning, several news wires had reported the Saudi’s intercepted missiles headed for the capital.

Luckily, the Saudi’s were able to intercept the missiles and shoot them down before they reached their targets.

The missile launch was claimed by the Iran-aligned Houthis.

The Houthis said the launch was meant to attack high-valued economic targets in Riyadh.

Not Letting Up

While the Houthis were not successful this time, it does not appear they will be lying low anytime soon.

A spokesman for the Houthi rebels made it very clear they are just getting started.

“There will be more salvos until this enemy is deterred, understands the meaning of the Yemeni threat, and ceases it crimes,” the spokesman stated.

U.S. Attacking Again

After ISIS was reportedly driven out of Raqqa in late 2017, the United States had briefly scaled back its operations.

That all changed on the day Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, more reports started to surface that our military had once again ramped up its activities in the Middle East, specifically in Syria.

Most outlets were categorizing it as the last big push to destroy ISIS once and for all.

There is a significant call for an end to the United States participation in this conflict by both Trump supporters and very influential Republican in both the Congress and Senate.

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The sooner Trump can destroy ISIS, the sooner he will be able to deliver on his promise to bring our troops home.

It would be a monumental achievement for the administration if our military is able to accomplish this before Americans head to the voting booths again.

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