Saudi-led airstrikes kill at least 100 people

Another day, more deaths of those whom many deem to be innocents at the hands of Saudi-led forces in Yemen.

According to reports, multiple airstrikes hit a detention center being operated by Houthi rebels, resulting in at least 100 deaths and dozens of injuries.

Working through the Rubble

A Red Cross delegation sent to help after the attacks stated there were roughly 170 detainees being held at the center.

The detainees had reportedly been openly critical of the Houthis rebels in the area, which is what makes the attack so confusing. Why would Saudi-led forces attack a detention center holding prisoners believed to be critical of their enemy?

Sadly, this is not the first time an attack of this nature has happened, but it is believed to be one of the deadlier attacks conducted by Saudi-led forces.

For that reason, there has been significant criticism in what has seemingly become a conflict creating a major humanitarian crisis in the Middle East.

Conflicting Reports

As more reports started to flood in, it became more apparent why this particular facility was attacked. The Saudi-led coalition believes the facility was being used as a military facility. The coalition further stated that “all precautionary measures were taken to protect civilian lives.”

It was also stated that former prisoners at the detention center had confirmed the reports that weapons were being stored at the facility.

The Red Cross, however, seemed to offer a different take, as its representatives stated they had visited the facility on several occasions and it had always held prisoners for the Houthi rebels.

It may actually be that both reports are true, as the Houthis have used prisoners as human shields for protection on numerous other occasions, but that has not stopped coalition forces from attacking these sites.

This most recent attack is reminiscent of a 2016 coalition attack on another prison. According to the coalition, the prison was a Houthi command center but when the dust settled, 58 prisoners were dead, possibly more.

Human rights groups have been livid over these attacks and it is only a matter of time before this is brought in front of the U.N. for humanitarian reasons.

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