Saudi-backed airstrike kills at least 60 in Yemen

A Saudi coalition has reportedly conducted another airstrike against the Houthi rebels in Yemen, and the outcome is creating a national outrage.

According to reports, at least 60 but possibly as many as 100 people were killed during the attack.

Enemies or Innocents?

After the airstrike was conducted, it appeared as though it may have killed innocent civilians rather than Houthi rebels.

The target of the attack was a prison the Saudis believe the Houthis were using to store weapons and ammo.

The Houthi rebels, however, reported there were roughly 170 prisoners being detained at the facility. That report was backed up by the Red Cross, who had members visit the facility on numerous occasions.

The prisoners being held were arrested for being critical of the Houthi rebels. So, in essence, if the reports are accurate, the Saudis took out their own supporters rather than their enemy.

Human Shields

The Saudis are maintaining the facility was, in fact, a munitions depot.

Using prisoners as a way to deter attacks is common practice for the rebels, though, and this tactic has already led to hundreds of innocent people being killed.

Earlier this year, an airstrike killed dozens of people when a hospital was struck under similar circumstances.

In 2016, there was an attack against another prison, which resulted in almost 60 deaths. In this attack, the coalition claimed the prison was actually a Houthi command center.

These strikes have created a humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, one that is beginning to get the attention of the entire world.

The Saudis continue to justify the attacks with the claim the Houthis are using human shields to protect their arms facilities, but the numbers are really starting to stack up, with this particular attack being one of the deadliest.

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