Saturday Night Live admits liberal bias

You’re never going to believe this.

Saturday Night Live (SNL) has just admitted that it has a liberal bias. 

Season 48

SNL made the admission on Saturday during their season opener.

The episode was hosted by Miles Teller, and the showed opened with a conversation between NFL greats Peyton Manning, who was played by Teller, and his brother Eli Manning, who was played by Andrew Dismukes.

In the skit, the two brothers wanted to do a “live analysis” of football, but, since it was Saturday night, they decided to do an analysis of an SNL skit instead. And, it was during this analysis that the two made a truthful admission about what SNL has become.

The admission

The first picture that popped on the screen for the two to analyze was a picture of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, which caused Teller to sarcastically say, “Oh, good a Trump sketch. Way to mix it up.”

Then, inside what is supposed to be Mar-a-Lago, SNL cast members acted out a scene involving Trump. The scene continues for some time as Teller and Dismukes provide a running commentary.

At one point during this commentary, Teller says, “I gotta mention, where’s the balance politically? They’re making Trump-Columbus jokes, meanwhile, Biden’s lost his damn marbles.”

Then, on top of this, Teller and Dismukes essentially admit that SNL is no longer funny, saying that, of the 14 attempted jokes that took place during the sketch they were watching, there was only “one mild laugh and two chuckles.”

Actor Jon Hamm even makes an appearance to give his opinion of the sketch that Teller and Dismukes were analyzing. Hamm says, when asked about the sketch, “I don’t know but it’s not comedy.”

Is this real?

In this season opener, SNL acknowledged that it has essentially become another part of the liberal propaganda machine and that the program is no longer funny. The question is “why?”, and the answer is unclear. The obvious answer would be to help its ratings.

Another question is whether SNL is now going to become more balanced, making fun of Republicans and Democrats alike. The problem for SNL, though, is that not many people may be tuning in to find out.

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