‘Satisfy his thirst for blood’: Notorious late-term abortionist escaping to pro-abortion state

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A notorious late-term abortionist who is under investigation in the state of Nebraska, where he’s destroyed unborn infants for years, is moving to pro-abortion Colorado.

That’s the state where a pro-abortion Democrat governor and pro-abortion Democrat lawmakers in the legislature last session simply declared that the unborn have no rights in the state.


For any reason.

That decision makes it, behind California and possibly New York, probably the most ardent promoter of abortion among the states.

It already is home to the legacy Boulder Abortion Clinic run for years by late-term abortionist Warren Hern.

It is the pro-life organization Operation Rescue, which monitors and reports on the abortion industry in America and its key players, that reported moving trucks were reported outside the Bellevue business of “notorious, late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart.”

It reported finding out that his business was referring to another abortion business for surgical abortions while continuing to schedule chemical abortions – even increasing the price by $100.

“Carhart is currently under investigation by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services for massive abortion-related injuries to a 35-year-old-woman who reportedly coded at the hospital after being transported from his Bellevue, Nebraska, abortion clinic. The complaint included 27 other life-threatening medical emergencies documented by Operation Rescue,” the organization said.

Residents of Bellevue also recently began circulating a petition “to make the city a sanctuary for the unborn. If the initiative is successful, abortion and abortion-inducing drugs within the city limits with be completely outlawed.”

Carhart apparently is heading toward Pueblo, Colorado, where residents are none too happy to have him arrive.

“He purchased a small medical office building formerly owned by the late Dr. Charles Potestioa, who, according to residents of Pueblo, was a beloved member of the pro-life community. For them, this is personal. One pro-lifer told Operation Rescue in a heartfelt expression concerning the change of ownership and dreaded future of the building, ‘[A]t least we have a warrior in heaven praying for this situation we are in,'” the report said.

OR President Troy Newman explained, “Because Colorado has no term restrictions and allows abortionists to kill babies up to the moment of birth, Carhart sees it as an attractive destination where he is free to satisfy his thirst for the blood of viable, including full-term, precious babies. He is now in his 80s, but he can’t seem to stop the killing.”

Pro-lifers in Pueblo are working to find a way to block the abortion business, but, OR reported, “Carhart has somehow obtained his Colorado medical license by endorsement, though he is currently under investigation by another state licensing authority and has a long history of injuring and killing women.”

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