Sarah Sanders warns nation of dangers of a Bernie Sanders victory

Long before the final votes were tallied on Saturday, the Washington Examiner reported Bernie Sanders had won a “smashing” victory in Nevada.

That victory, according to former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, needs to serve as a wakeup call to all conservatives regarding the dangers socialist Bernie Sanders poses to our Republic.

Bernie’s on a roll

Right now, Bernie Sanders has all the momentum in the Democratic primary. Sarah Sanders, now a Fox News commentator, even went so far as to call Bernie the “presumptive” Democrat candidate.

But while that may be a bit premature, the rest of Sarah’s warnings about the Vermont senator are not.

Take a look:

A lot at stake

As Ms. Sanders stated, there are far too many people on the right who think this election will be a walkover for Trump. That is the same attitude Democrats had when they failed to get Hillary Clinton elected — and with even Democrats conceding that Bernie likely can’t generate enough votes in a general election to beat Trump, it looks like Republicans are headed that way, too.

But while this election is about getting Trump re-elected to protect our Republic, it is also about putting down a socialist movement that has gained far too much momentum in this country.

Trump must not only beat Sanders — assuming he gets the nomination — but he must do so by crushing him in both the electorate and popular vote and do so convincingly.

Indeed, this movement, or “revolution,” as Bernie likes to call it, must be put down immediately so we don’t have to face this threat again. Everything Bernie Sanders is proposing is everything our Foundering Fathers left their blood in the soil of New York, New Jersey, and South Carolina (among others) to fight against.

Bigger government and higher taxes are exactly why this country fought and gained its independence almost 250 years ago, and it is a battle we will once again face in November 2020.

Our Founding Fathers and brave patriots won their fight with swords and guns, we must win this fight at the ballot box to prevent such tyranny from happening in this country ever again.

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