Sarah Sanders waives speaking fees for Arkansas GOP events

After former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders abruptly left the White House, the political world exploded in speculation as to what her next move would be. She eventually signed a deal with Fox News to serve as a policial analyst.

Rumors also swirled that she would return to politics as a contender for governor of Arkansas. This speculation has gained even more traction as it was just announced that Sanders is reportedly waiving her fee to help Republicans campaign in her home state of Arkansas. She would normally get an appearance fee in excess of $40,000, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Too Rich for Our Blood

When Sanders left office, many of the local organizers in Arkansas wanted to add her to their election events for the 2020 season.

With her affiliation to Trump and experiences with the media, she would obviously be a big draw to any fundraiser. As desirable as an appearance from Sanders would certainly be, however, her fees put her out of reach for many of these events.

Sanders is now represented by Premiere Speakers Bureau. This is the same company that represents virtually every big name in conservative politics as well as some of the biggest names in the sports industry.

Currently, the price tag for an appearance by Sarah Sanders is over $40,000. However, when organizers in Arkansas called Premiere, they were given pricing of $55,000 for their events.

Needless to say, they immediately had to look elsewhere for star power, but they have been recently informed that Sanders’ contract allows her to waive her fees for engagements in her home state.

Will She Run?

While Sanders plans on being very active within the Arkansas political scene, she is still undecided about her own future in politics.

President Trump has encouraged her to run, and feedback locally has been very good in terms of how Arkansians would receive her as a candidate in 2022.

As far as appearances go within her home state, she currently has three on the books. Sanders will be in Garland County on Nov. 19, she will speak in Desha County on Jan. 7, and will appear in Sebastian County for the Women’s Ronald Reagan Dinner on Feb. 1.

Again, it is still all unconfirmed speculation, but she does seem to be setting the stage for a gubernatorial run in the near future.

Hopefully, after the dust settles in the 2020 election, Sanders will announce her own campaign, as it seems unlikely that anyone would defeat her in 2022.

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