Sarah Sanders top moments revealed in tribute video

There is little doubt among conservatives that Sarah Sanders more than earned her paycheck during her time as Press Secretary for Donald Trump.

IJR put together a tribute video that shows some of her more memorable moments and it is blowing up on Facebook. 

Standing Up for Trump

Regardless of the constant mudslinging from the liberal media, Sanders always stood tall at the podium.

One of the moments highlighted in the video was the attack against Sanders when the immigrant family separation videos were burning up the Internet.

As the journalist challenged Sanders, even calling on her status as a mother to be outraged, Sanders calmly dismantled him and got the situation under control.

This was the daily life of Sanders in that she was always forced to dial the liberal narrative down to get the facts out there to the public.

Tough Times

The last year or so has been extremely tough on Sanders. The attacks on her moved from the briefing room to her private life. She was infamously banned from a restaurant for simply being part of Trump’s administration.

The attacks, unfortunately, did not stop there. There were numerous reports that virtually everywhere she went, someone was getting in her face.

Additionally, President Trump instructed Sanders to back off on press briefings because the media was not properly respecting her.

While she was still performing her duties within the White House, actual public briefings were few and far between. All of this has no doubt weighed on Sanders, finally culminating in her resignation.

While her plans are not yet clear, the President encouraged her to run for Governor of Arkansas, where she would clearly have the overwhelming support of Trump fans.

We thank you for your service Sarah and we can only hope this is not the last we will see from you in your political career.

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