Sarah Sanders suggests it’s time for Rep. Jerry Nadler to resign

It may be time for House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to say goodbye, according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

After Nadler’s latest stunt — trying to change the rules to allow staff to question Attorney General Bill Barr during a Congressional hearing — Sanders suggested he step down and resign.

“If he’s not capable of asking the Attorney General questions, maybe he should step down and resign and allow somebody else that can,” she said. Watch below:

Playing Games

Sanders has a point. Nadler has turned the House into a complete joke. If one ever needed a textbook example of abuse of power, Nadler would be it.

In what has been described by many pundits as a political stunt, Nadler decided to use private attorneys to question Attorney General Barr during the scheduled House hearing.

When Barr found out Nadler was making this unprecedented move, he refused to show up at the House hearings on Thursday.

Nadler permitted the entire hearing to turn into a complete fiasco by allowing one of his fellow Democrats to plop down a bucket of KFC in the seat where Barr would have testified.

The obvious insinuation here was that Barr was too “chicken” to testify before their hired guns.

Dems target Barr

The Democrat attacks on Barr have been relentless. Since Democrats cannot do anything about Donald Trump, the plan now is clearly to discredit Barr.

It cannot be stated enough that Barr has done absolutely nothing wrong here. Furthermore, he is being raked over the coals for a report he did not even write!

Democrats continue to push the narrative Barr is only protecting Trump.

These are the same Democrats that never said a peep when then-Attorney General Eric Holder proclaimed himself to be Obama’s “wingman.” It’s shameful.

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