Sarah Sanders to receive temporary Secret Service protection

After Democrat leadership called for attacks against Trump Cabinet members, the Secret Service is amping up its protection.

On Tuesday, the Secret Service announced it has temporarily assigned a protective detail to Sarah Sanders.

The Cause

Last week, Sarah Sanders had gone out to eat at a local restaurant and was actually refused service.

After having been seated, the restaurant owner/manager told her to leave.

The reason… simply because she was a member of the Trump administration and the owners of the restaurant did not like Trump’s politics.

The server that waited on her made a post about it and it quickly went viral.

Sanders then used her White House Twitter account to offer more insight, and the incident blew up social media.

Democrat Uprising

After the weekend, of which several other Trump Cabinet members had been hassled, Maxine Waters called for rioting against anyone that sees a Trump Cabinet member in public.

Immediately afterwards, there was an influx of verbal attacks against “Trump” people on social media.

The result of which is the Secret Service is now being pressed into service to protect these individuals.

Oddly enough, Democrats and liberals have been complaining regularly about the cost of protecting Trump and his family.

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Now, they are actually contributing to even higher costs of protective details with their childlike behavior.

And it is all happening at the behest of a Democrat Congresswoman… Maxine Waters.

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