Sarah Sanders slams Democrats’ push for socialism in America: ‘It’s truly mind-boggling’

Over the last few weeks, Democrats have pushed the narrative that it’s Barack Obama who is responsible for today’s booming economy, not Donald Trump.

But Sarah Sanders finally decided to set everyone straight on Saturday, explaining that it is, in fact, Trump’s policies that have stimulated the economy. Meanwhile, she said, “it’s truly mind-boggling” that Dems are continuing to push socialism knowing how well the economy is doing under conservative policies.

It Just Doesn’t Work

It’s clear that socialism just doesn’t work.

Venezuela used to have one of the richest economies in the world. Now, Venezuelans are dying in the streets.

They literally have to cross borders for basic supplies like bread, milk, and eggs.

This is because their leader, Nicolas Maduro, tried to convert Venezuela into a socialist regime. It took less than a decade for him to completely ruin the country.

Democrats try to pitch socialism as though it will solve all of our problems, but this system clearly only makes things worse.

The only people who have money and enjoy success in a socialist system are politicians — which is why Dems really want our country to go in that direction.

The Trump Economy

During the 2016 presidential election season, economists thought everything was going to turn south not long after Trump took office.

Trump has not only proved them wrong, but his policies have also stimulated economic growth like we have never seen before: more people are working, people are making more money, and more importantly, people are taking home more money.

“Under this president, [the] American economy is booming, we’re thriving, and we’re doing better than we’ve done in a long time,” Sanders said.

Just in the month of April, payrolls increased by more than 263,000 jobs. And unemployment is now at 3.6%, a 49-year low.

Even so, Democrats say the way of Maduro is the way to go.

We have two choices come election day 2020: we can vote to continue this ride or we can vote to become Venezuela. It all rests in the hands of We The People.

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