Sarah Sanders sets the date for Democrats’ border wall demise

For the last three days, Democrats have been very busy patting themselves on the back over what they’ve perceived as a victory against border wall funding. But White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders reminded them over the weekend that this fight is hardly over.

In fact, she says Democrats now have less than 21 days to figure something out, or Trump will get the wall done on his own.

Something or Nothing

Democrats believe the wall can’t be erected without them — and as such, they’ve been willing to risk it all.

But they are dead wrong.

Trump can, and probably will, declare a national emergency to secure wall funding.

For that, he does not need the approval of Congress. But the move will need to stand up in court.

Trump’s advisers have told him a declaration of a national emergency, which reports allege has already been drafted, will hold up in the courtroom. Even so, Trump is allowing this to play out in an effort to get both sides involved and actually allow the Democrats to get something out of this.

Right now, the border wall is all the leverage they have regarding the status of undocumented immigrants. Once Trump makes his declaration, they will have nothing else to put on the table.

It’s time to negotiate now — before Trump builds the wall without them.

What Are They Really After?

But the Democrats don’t really care about the wall. There are just two things the Democrats have in mind with their refusal to budge on this issue.

First and foremost: they’re after power. That was made clear when they did their victory lap after the government was reopened, saying they taught the president a lesson.

But they’re also after keeping that power, hence the urgency to find a way to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country and become citizens — earning Dems valuable votes that will allow them to turn this country into a socialist’s paradise.

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If Democrats were truly interested in helping people, they would have made a deal with Trump over a month ago.

They’ve proven that they’re only in it for themselves — and that’s why Trump has to take matters into his own hands and build the wall himself, as Sanders said he will in three weeks if things don’t change.

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