Sarah Sanders makes bold prediction about Joe Biden

Donald Trump’s former press secretary, Sarah Sanders, just made a very bold prediction after seeing the most recent Democrat debates.

Sanders returned to Fox & Friends to announce that she believes former Vice President Joe Biden is “finished” in this election.

Telling Signs

One of the easiest ways to tell who the actual field believes to be the frontrunner in any race is to see where the bulk of the attacks are aimed.

During the 2016 primary, Donald Trump was hit from every angle during every debate. Even early on, it was clear the entire field deemed him to be the biggest threat.

While Joe Biden garnered much of the attention during the early debates, now that person taking all the heat is Elizabeth Warren. Sanders saw the same thing, believing it is a sign that Joe Biden’s campaign is all but over.

“The big loser…was Joe Biden,” she said. “It was incredibly telling that all of the fire that was taken on stage was by Elizabeth Warren, and not Joe Biden — indicating that even Democrats on that stage know that Biden is finished and that Warren is the new frontrunner.”

Based on Joe Biden’s fundraising numbers, we would have to agree with Sanders. Biden is reportedly outspending his intake and now only has $9 million left in his war chest, prompting a desperate letter to his supporters to open up their wallets to keep him in the race before he falls behind.

In addition to that, AOC recently endorsed Bernie Sanders, ending any hope Biden had of getting a late influx of support.

Good for Trump

Sanders was not done making bombshell predictions after she stated Joe Biden is all but finished. If Warren does, in fact, win the nomination, Sanders believes it will pave a path for Trump to win re-election.

“She is the new face of the [Democratic] Party,” Sanders said. “This is a great contrast for this president. And I think it sets up him very nicely for re-election in November.”

Most pundits tend to agree with Sanders on that front because while Warren enjoys support from the far left, many moderates in the party simply cannot get behind her extreme platform.

While they may not vote for Trump, they will probably just abstain from the election rather than cast a vote for a woman that wants to turn the United States into a socialist country.

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