Sarah Sanders receives rousing welcome at Trump rally in Green Bay

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders routinely finds herself in enemy territory in her role as intermediary between the Trump Administration and a hostile press. But, that was refreshingly not the case on Saturday night.

In a rare moment of appreciation and acknowledgement, Sanders received thunderous applause from legions of Trump supporters. So warm was the reception, the president joked about feeling a bit envious, prompting him to unleash his famous catchphrase from The Apprentice, “You’re fired!”

Enthusiastic Wisconsin crowd

The moment occurred at a Trump rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Saturday evening.

After the crowd began chanting “Sarah! Sarah!,” while President Trump was speaking, he decided to give them what they were asking for by inviting Sanders onto the stage.

The assembled supporters erupted in boisterous cheers. One reporter even noted that Sanders received the loudest applause of the evening.

Speech! Speech!

After she made her way onto the stage, and after the crowd settled down the best that it could, Sanders said a few words.

She reiterated a message that she posted earlier in the day on Twitter, underscoring the many successes achieved by President Trump, despite the efforts of the liberals to cover them up.

“Liberals said President Trump would lose-he won; said he colluded with Russia-he didn’t; said he’d ruin our economy-it’s booming; said he’d weaken America-our military has never been stronger. All the liberal lies can’t change the fact that the Trump presidency has been a success,” she wrote.

When Sanders was finished, she left the stage to yet another ear-drum-shattering round of applause. And, all the attention she was receiving was starting to get to the president.

Trump’s humorous retort

Trump reclaimed the microphone and offered a, tongue-in-cheek reaction to Sanders having become “too popular.” In his characteristically irreverant manner, Trump responded with the catchphrase made famous during his reality television days: “You’re fired!” he quipped.

Here’s video of the moment:

The scene stood in stark contrast to what occurred just one year ago, when Sanders attended the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, where she received shamefully poor treatment. No doubt that had something to do with the president’s recommendation that White House officials skip the event this year.

It is about time that Sanders got a break from the disrespectful treatment she endures on a daily basis and received the praise she deserves for the stellar job she continues to do as part of the Trump administration. Good for her!

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