Rumors swirl about Sarah Sanders’ bid for governorship of Arkansas

The moment former White Hosue Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ resignation was announced, rumors began to swirl about her future plans.

She added a few more logs to the Arkansas gubernatorial fire this week while attending the Republican Governor’s Association retreat.

Still Undecided

To be honest, if there is anyone that deserves to take a break, it is Sarah Sanders. For the first two years of this administration, she was on the front lines taking all the heat from the media.

The same media that attacks Donald Trump for being critical of female Democrats in office all but spit in her face during her time as press secretary for the President.

The election for the Arkansas governorship is not until 2022, so Sarah still has plenty of time to make her decision. President Trump, however, has been adamant that he wants to see Sarah run for office.

Her father, Mike Huckabee, also seems enthused about the idea, but he has also stated his daughter just needs some time with her family before making such a major commitment.

The Waiting Game

Sanders has been reluctant to address rumors, but her decision to attend the Republican Governors Association-hosted retreat only increases the speculation.

Many major donors and big names in the Republican party are expected to be present at the event, and cozying up to them might just incur the support she needs to launch a campaign.

However, one reason Sanders may be so hesitant to act just yet is that she may want to see how the 2020 election plays out before making her announcement.

It is probably a fairly safe bet that if Trump wins re-election, Sanders will have a strong chance at the office.

If Democrats win, though, it will be a far more difficult path for Sanders. In the meantime, several other possible candidates are more or less at the mercy of Sanders and her decision.

Every Republican considering running for the office knows that if Sanders is in, she will get Trump’s endorsement over everyone else. This has them all in a holding pattern while she takes her time making her decision.

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