Sarah Sanders explains border security emergency: It’s a ‘humanitarian crisis’

Sarah Sanders has been a true champion of the people this weekend.

Sanders did the talk-show circuit over the weekend to explain the importance of border security so even the most idiotic of liberals could understand it.

Watch below:

Telling It Like It Is

Sanders takes a lot of flak from both the media and liberals as President Donald Trump’s official mouthpiece.

She has been called every name in the book, yelled at, insulted, threatened, and just about everything else you can imagine over the last two years.

Through it all, she has stood tall and continued to defend Trump’s agenda.

She has also made it clear there is really only one thing Trump is interested in doing, and this is “to protect [US] citizens.”

Sanders also pointed out the fact the border wall is about far more than “just” immigration.

Sanders stated, “We have a completely broken immigration system. We have a national crisis – not just of safety and security – but a humanitarian crisis.”

The Reality

Something Democrats continue to call the wall is inhumane, but it is actually quite the opposite.

Democrats refuse to acknowledge the dangers of open borders.

Sanders, however, was quick to talk about the things Democrats are trying to keep hidden from Americans.

The reality is that terrorists slip through the cracks and enter this country.

The reality is that criminals and human traffickers cross the poorly secured border and set up shop throughout our country.

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Facts such as these are the things Democrats want to keep hidden so they can push their agenda forward.

As Americans, we all owe Sanders a debt of gratitude for continuing to hang tough and speak the truth even though it is far from easy at times.

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