Sarah Sanders: Common thread in investigations is ‘hatred,’ not Trump

CNN once again tried to paint Press Secretary Sarah Sanders in the corner and she, once again, made them look like fools.

When a CNN reporter dumped investigations that have nothing to do with Trump in Trump’s lap to make the president seem corrupt, Sanders immediately put him in his place.

The Common Thread

Thus far, every indictment that has come down from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has not had anything to do with President Trump.

Yes, all of these individuals worked for him at one point or another. But what they did on their own or for their own businesses does not implicate Donald Trump.

In this case, there is now an investigation into the president’s inaugural committee. That committee, however, is completely separate from Donald Trump.

As the anchor continuously claimed Trump is the “common thread” in all of these investigations, Sanders was quick to respond. “I think the common thread is hysteria over the fact this president became president,” she said dryly.

“The common thread is that there is so much hatred out there that they will look for anything to try to create and tie problems to this president,” Sanders continued.

Time to Move On

President Trump addressed this issue during his SOTU address, saying the country simply cannot move forward when we are spewing hate and conducting ridiculous investigations in what has truly become a witch hunt.

If Trump had actually done something wrong, that would be one thing.However, Mueller himself has stated twice that President Trump has not been directly tied to any wrongdoing in regard to collusion during the election.

The latest investigation into the inaugural committee no doubt stems from a media report a few weeks ago about how much the inaugural committee spent. The committee raised the money in order to spend it on the inauguration, which is exactly what they did. Is it really their fault they received almost double the donations Obama received when he was inaugurated?

Just as Sanders stated, this is about hysteria, hatred, and we would even add jealousy. The time has come for Democrats to get over their loss and enjoy some of this success.

They can be a part of it or they can sit on the sidelines and continue to watch their own party self-destruct. It really is as simple as that.

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