Sarah Sanders: Democrats ‘100 percent’ own problems of unsecured border

Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Sean Hannity Monday night that the Democrats are putting party before country by refusing to fund border security.

The press secretary said that Democrats own the border problem because they are unwilling to negotiate with Trump to keep the country safe. “If you’re not willing to fix the problem then you get to own the problem,” Sanders said.

Sanders: Dems putting party over country

Sanders sat down with Hannity for a wide-ranging discussion on the border situation and Trump’s Tuesday night State of the Union speech. Hannity noted that the Democrats — who are now calling border barriers “immoral” and too expensive — supported border fencing in the past.

“It’s complete and total hypocrisy. I wish I could say that I’m surprised, but I’m not,” Sanders said. “The question is will they decide at some point they love our country more than they hate this president. And will they be willing to actually focus on what they were elected to do, come here, solve problems, and they’re going to have to decide to work with the president in order to do that.”

Hannity turned to the dangerous drugs flowing into the country and asked Sanders whether Democrats are to blame for problems associated with the porous border. Sanders said that Democrats “100 percent” own it because they aren’t willing to work with Trump to fix it.

“So far we have seen no willingness from Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats to actually work with the president and fix [the border problem],” Sanders said. Watch below:

Previews olive branch at SOTU

Hannity turned to Trump’s upcoming State of the Union speech and asked Sanders whether Trump would extend an olive branch on the border at the highly anticipated address, which was in limbo briefly during the shutdown after Pelosi threatened to delay it. Sanders predicted that Trump would challenge Democrats to co-operate with him.

“You’re going to see the president call on Congress and say, look: we can work together and get things done, or we can fight each other and get nothing done. Frankly, the American people deserve better than that. That’s why you are seeing the president lead time and time again and call on Democrats to actually work with him and get things done.”

Trump is expected to make the case again for the wall during the address, like he did last month with an Oval Office address describing the border security crisis, which Democrats responded to by calling the border problem “manufactured.” His adversary, Pelosi, will be looking over his shoulder throughout the Tuesday night speech.

Trump has asked for $5.7 billion in border security funding, but the Democrats have not budged from their position that the border wall is “immoral,” expensive and ineffective since a disagreement over the issue led to a 35-day shutdown in late December. In an attempt at compromise, Trump recently agreed to open the government for three weeks with no border money and gave Congress until February 15 to work out a deal for the wall before he declares a national emergency.

Trump raised the possibility in the hours before the Tuesday night speech of building a “human wall” with soldiers at the border if Democrats won’t work with him. Hannity mentioned Trump’s threat to send troops to the border to stop an incoming caravan of 12,000 Central American migrants to Sanders.

“[The border] is one of the biggest priorities the president has, and you can rest assured that he is going to follow through. He’s going to protect our borders, he’s going to protect the people of this country, he’s going to make sure he does everything he possibly can under the Constitution and under the law to make sure he’s doing his part,” Sanders said.

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