Sarah Sanders blasts media for hypocrisy on WikiLeaks reporting

Roger Stone’s arrest and indictment has brought renewed attention to WikiLeaks.

But reporters who asked Press Secretary Sarah Sanders if working with WikiLeaks ought to be a crime received a smackdown. Sanders pointed out that the media was “just as accountable.”

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“Look, I think every single outlet that are — that you all represent looked for and searched for information that WikiLeaks was providing, including reporting on it.  So I think there is a responsibility by members of the media,” Sanders said during Monday’s White House press briefing.

“I am not aware of anybody here working with WikiLeaks in any capacity, but I do know that every individual that represents a media outlet here looked for that information – most of you reported on that information – so I think you’re just as accountable as anyone else in that process,” she continued.

Rubio Speaks Out

The question on WikiLeaks was in reference to earlier comments made by GOP Senator Marco Rubio.

During a Sunday appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, the former Republican presidential candidate suggested that “wittingly” working with WikiLeaks should be considered a crime.

“I do believe anyone who is cooperating with them, wittingly or unwittingly, is doing the work of a foreign intelligence agency to harm us,” Rubio said.

Sanders vs. The Press

To Sanders’ point, she is absolutely correct in pointing out the media hypocrisy.

Every media outlet, without exception, was printing stories based on unauthorized leaks both during the election period and afterward.

On a different note, it was great to see Sanders back on the dais firing away at the press.

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While these press conferences are not generally a pleasant experience for Sanders, it is always entertaining to watch her dish it out.

In this case, it was definitely game, set, and match to Sanders.

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