Sarah Palin says she was tricked into interview with ‘comedian’ who lied about military service

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has sunk to a new low.

Cohen disguised himself as a wounded veteran in order to lure Palin in for a prank interview.

His Thing

This is not the first time Cohen has pulled this trick.

Cohen first came to fame using the characters Ali G and Borat.

He also played Jean Girard in Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell.

In addition to his movie roles, he has been somewhat of a master of disguise, conducting interviews with high-profile celebrities and politicians incognito.

In this case, Palin stated, Cohen “had heavily disguised himself as a disabled US veteran, fake wheelchair and all.”

Palin’s Challenge

While obviously upset with the ruse, Palin is hoping some good can come if it.

She issued a challenge to Cohen to donate all of the money earned from the interview to charity.

Palin stated, “Donate all proceeds to a charitable group that actually respects and supports American vets.”

That challenge, however, came after Palin laid into Cohen.

More than likely right, Palin suspects the interview will be heavily edited in an effort to make her look stupid and humiliate her.

Palin stated it was not so much him mocking her, but what she found really repulsive was Cohen representing himself as an injured veteran.

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When the interview eventually airs, Cohen will no doubt find out this particular subject is taboo not just with conservatives, but most Americans.

The Hill reached out to Showtime for a comment, the network that airs his show, but they declined to comment on the Palin interview or her remarks.

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