Sara Netanyahu indicted for fraud

President Trump’s support system in the Middle East may have just taken a major hit.

Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has been indicted on charges of fraud with aggravated circumstances.

The Charge

According to the indictment, Netanyahu misrepresented the employment of a cook at her residence to try to have the cost of prepared food covered.

The regulation states, “In a case where a cook is not employed in the official residence, it is permitted to order prepared foods as needed.”

Netanyahu apparently stated their cook was not employed during certain periods, even though there was reportedly a cook on staff.

She did so to cover the costs of hundreds of prepared food orders.

Reportedly, that cost was NIS 359,000, or roughly $99,000.

In addition to the costs of the prepared meals, Netanyahu has also allegedly falsified records when chefs were brought in from the outside, as there is also apparently a limit on how much can be spent for outside chefs.

Rumors had surfaced that an indictment was pending, but that there might also be a deal in place.

Netanyahu was reportedly going to offer a public apology and return the funds if she would not face any criminal charges.

Obviously, with this indictment, that deal is no longer on the table.

Problems for Trump?

Now, the question everyone is asking is how this will impact our president.

PM Netanyahu has been an avid supporter of Trump, as Trump is to him.

This scandal, if history provides any lessons at all, could result in political pressure being applied to the Prime Minister, forcing his resignation.

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There is no telling how receptive of Trump and recent policy changes in Israel the next PM would be.

It is shocking to think that something as simple as takeout food could change the political landscape of the United States’ foreign policy, but that may literally be the case here.

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