Rep. George Santos rejects resignation demands of local GOP officials, defiantly says ‘I will NOT resign!”

Newly elected Rep. George Santos (R-NY) was recently exposed for having massively deceived the voters of New York’s 3rd Congressional District by substantially embellishing numerous aspects of his own personal history and resume of education and work experience as part of his successful 2022 election campaign.

The revelations prompted several local GOP officials in the district to now demand that Santos resign in shame, but the admittedly dishonest congressman has instead defiantly refused to do so, Breitbart reported.

GOP officials say Santos has to go

Top Republican officials in Nassau County held a press conference on Wednesday to make it clear that they did not support Rep. Santos and to call on him to step down from his elected position, which they asserted was obtained through fraud.

“George Santos’s campaign last year was a campaign of deceit, lies, and fabrication,” Nassau County GOP Chairman Joseph Cairo said, according to The Hill. “Today, on behalf of the Nassau County Republican Committee, I am calling for his immediate resignation.”

Cairo was joined by Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman (R), who said Santos was “a stain on the House of Representatives” and “a stain on the 3rd Congressional District.” The executive further stated that his office wouldn’t work with Santos’ office and that any constituent calls would be forwarded to the newly elected Rep. Anthony D’Esposito (R-NY) of the neighboring 4th Congressional District.

The Hill also noted that Nassau County’s top prosecutor has already opened an investigation into Santos’ apparent lies to the district’s voters, as well as that the Democratic candidate that Santos defeated in November, Robert Zimmerman, has demanded the congressman immediately resign and reface him in a special election for the House seat.

“I will NOT resign!”

As for Rep. D’Esposito, he issued a statement that similarly called upon his colleague Santos to resign for his “many hurtful lies and mistruths surrounding his history” that has “irreparably broken the trust of the residents he is sworn to serve.”

The groundswell of opposition to Rep. Santos from his own fellow New York Republicans has, at least as of yet, failed to achieve the goal of compelling him to submit his resignation from Congress, as the new lawmaker flatly rejected those calls and insisted that he had no intention whatsoever to resign.

“I was elected to serve the people of #NY03 not the party & politicians,” Santos tweeted Wednesday. “I remain committed to doing that and regret to hear that local officials refuse to work with my office to deliver results to keep our community safe and lower the cost of living. I will NOT resign!”

McCarthy declines to join demands for Santos’ resignation

One possible reason for that defiance from Rep. Santos is the fact that the one individual in authority who could potentially compel him to resign, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), has flatly refused to join the chorus of calls for Santos to go, according to a separate report from The Hill.

“I try to stick by the Constitution. The voters elected him to serve. If there is a concern, and he has to go through the Ethics, let him move through that,” McCarthy told the media Wednesday about Santos. “He will continue to serve.”

When pressed about Santos’ admissions that he had lied to voters and misrepresented his background in order to get elected, the Speaker accurately quipped, “So did a lot of people here, in the Senate, and others.”

“It’s the voters who made that decision. He has to answer to the voters and the voters to make another decision in two years,” McCarthy told reporters. “He is going to have to build the trust here and he’s going to have the opportunity to try to do that.”

Santos is reportedly already under investigation by local, federal, and even Brazilian authorities, but when asked about that by reporters, McCarthy said, “What are the charges against him? In America today, you’re innocent till proven guilty. So just because somebody doesn’t like the press you have, it’s not me that can oversay what the voters say the voters say.” The Speaker added, “If there is something that rises to the occasion that he did something wrong, then we’ll deal with that at that time.”

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