Sante Fe High School shooter wore communist pin

As information begins to trickle in about the Sante Fe school shooting, some disturbing facts are coming to light.

Most notably, the shooter was wearing a communist pin found on previous school shooters.

Disturbing Signals

After the tragic shooting, most people interviewed said there were no signs Dimitrios Pagourtzis was going to kill his classmates.

Now, however, we found out he was wearing a pin linked to ANTIFA.

Not only that, the same pin was worn by Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold…

Perhaps it was too small of a signal for anyone to notice, but one would think a communist pin suddenly showing up at the house should have had someone asking questions.

A Town in Mourning

Sante Fe is one of those communities severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

There are still more than a few remnants of the storm, and now they have to deal with this as well.

By the time Pagourtzis was taken down, he had killed at least 10 people and left more than a dozen wounded.

U.S. Representative Randy Weber stated, “We will get through this.”

The shooting had many local law enforcement officials confused and devastated, simply not knowing how to keep the children in their communities safe.

Weapons and Signs

Because the shooter did not have an AR-15, this shooting is not getting all the headlines of the other school shootings.

Instead, the shooter had a shotgun and a handgun, proving that when evil wants to kill, evil will find a way.

What everyone seems to be missing, though, is why this is happening.

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The signals in these shootings have not been huge, but they have been present.

In a day and age when smartphones, tablets, video games, and TV are raising our children, the answer would appear to lie within rather than with the weapon.

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