Sarah Sanders: Trump didn’t need to ‘collude’ with Russia because he was the ‘better candidate’

Many have suggested over the last several weeks that Robert Mueller’s investigation is coming to an end, leaving pundits to speculate what the special counsel’s final report could contain. But according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, the president’s opponents will be disappointed.

Sanders expressed confidence that the special counsel’s report will vindicate the president in response to reporters’ questions on Friday, and again reiterated that there was no collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Kremlin. There didn’t need to be, she said, because Trump was the “better candidate.”

“There was no collusion”

Sanders spoke with Fox & Friends on Friday morning, when she was asked for her thoughts on when Mueller’s report will be released.

“We’re seeing the same reports that you are that it’s possible that this is coming to a conclusion,” she said.

She went on to express optimism that the report will mean nothing but good things for the White House.

“We feel good about the fact that what we’ve said all along for last two years will be clear: There was no collusion,” Sanders insisted. “The idea that President Trump needed to collude with Russia in order to beat Hillary Clinton is frankly laughable.

“He was an infinitely better candidate with a better message, and he outworked her. That’s why he won. It had nothing to do with Russia,” Sanders added.

“Following the proper process”

Following her appearance on Fox News, Sanders addressed the gathered reporters outside the White House, where she reiterated that the administration is confident the report will exonerate the president.

When asked if the special counsel’s report will become available to the public, Sanders deferred reporters to newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr.

“Just because [Trump] hasn’t made that call — he’s following the proper process,” Sanders said. “If he did it the other way, you guys would go crazy saying, ‘I can’t believe the president’s done this!’ I think it’s such a double standard. He’s following the process and we’ll see what happens.”

Sanders concluded by saying that in the administration’s eyes, “the public should have moved on [from the Mueller investigation] a long time ago.”

“I think the only people who are still hung up on it are Democrats and the media,” the press secretary said. “I think the public did move on a long time ago.”

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