Sarah Sanders trolls CNN’s Jim Acosta with ‘Dear Diary…’ tweet

There’s no love lost between President Donald Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta, this we all know.

As he continues to slam Trump and whine about being passed over for questions, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders put an end to that. She reminded him there is a very good reason why Trump skips him… because as a journalist, he is a complete joke!

Best Week Ever

If we were to only listen to Acosta’s side of the story, we would think he was the best journalist on the planet and did not deserve the negativity he gets from the White House.

However, Acosta only has himself to blame for how he is currently being treated.

Sanders drove that point home in her tweet, which was captioned “Dear Diary,” poking fun at Acosta’s diary-style tweets. Watch below:

As you can see, Acosta absolutely gushed over Obama.

He seemed as though he was starstruck when proposing a question to him.

Take that line of questioning and compare it to how critical he was of another reporter serving up a “softball” to Trump.

Keep Skipping Him

To be frank, Acosta should never get the microphone again at a press conference.

During this administration, he has treated Sanders with nothing but disrespect.

He constantly throws bogus accusations against Trump and only reports negatively about this administration.

Acosta clearly has an agenda and it has impacted his ability to be a good journalist. He no longer tells the facts about the story; he edits them to portray the story the way he wants it to read.

Until that changes, don’t expect to see President Trump call on him again.

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