Bernie Sanders surges past Biden ahead of first Democrat primaries

Over and above all the corruption problems former Vice President Joe Biden is facing, he now has another major problem: Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT).

As the first dates on the Democratic primary schedule approach, establishment favorite Joe Biden finds himself eating Bernie Sanders’ dust. The former VP is trailing in Iowa, New Hampshire, and California, according to The Washington Times.

The power of grassroots fundraising

Sanders seems to have learned a lot of lessons from his loss in the 2016 Democratic primary race, and he is putting them all to good use.

Even though Sanders is stuck in D.C. for the impeachment trial, he continues to surge in early voting states specifically because of the rather impressive ground game he has put together.

Of course, there are only so many millennials and socialists to go around, but Sanders seems to have captured all their attention. Sanders has been putting significant time and effort into these early states, and it has clearly paid off.

In one of the most recent Iowa polls, Sanders was in the lead by seven points, with Buttigieg in second place, and Joe Biden tied with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in third.

The Washington Times report offered more good news for Sanders, putting him ahead of Biden in both Iowa and New Hampshire, as well as California ahead of its Super Tuesday primary.

Joe Biden expected to lose California and his campaign has spent very little time there, but losing both early states would be a massive blow and put him into a hole of which he may not be able to climb out.

Why the sudden surge?

Generally, pundits cite two reasons for the big push that is coming to Sanders as the primary dates loom. First, Warren has taken some epic hits as of late, and she and Sanders more or less shared the millennial demographic.

It appears as though just about every voter that abandons Warren is moving right over to Sanders, which would all but assure him a primary victory.

Second, Biden has also taken significant hits, mostly because of his son, Hunter. While it is unlikely Biden backers would fall to Bernie, it does appear as though they are splitting their support between Pete Buttigieg and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

If both Buttigieg and Bloomberg make it to Super Tuesday — and there is no reason to believe they won’t — they could take just enough support away from Biden to allow Bernie to grab this nomination. But only time will tell.

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