Democrat strategist says Sanders supporters are ‘unenthusiastic’ about Biden

If presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is going to defeat Donald Trump in November, he’ll need the support of Dems nationwide.

It could be a challenge for the former VP to round everyone up on his side, however. According to Fox News, a former top aide to Bernie Sanders says a “significant portion” of the Vermont senator’s supporters won’t rally behind Biden.

“Unsupportive and unenthusiastic”

According to Fox, the warning from Jeff Weaver, who served as Sanders’ 2016 campaign manager and as one of his senior advisers during the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race, came in a memo released by America’s Promise, a newly-formed super PAC created by Weaver to support efforts to mobilize the Democratic base ahead of Election Day.

“There is a real and urgent need to help Biden consolidate Sanders supporters,” Weaver wrote in the memo obtained by Fox.

“If all of Sanders’ base turned out for Joe Biden in November, he could defeat Trump and take back the White House for Democrats,” he continued, as Fox reported. “Here’s the problem: significant portions don’t currently plan to.”

Weaver added that those Sanders supporters are “currently unsupportive and unenthusiastic” about Biden’s candidacy, a problem that needs to be addressed if Biden wants any hope of winning the upcoming election.

More problems

Indeed, according to The Hill, Weaver’s warning about the lack of support for Biden from Sanders’ supporters did not come completely out of the blue; rather, it appears to fall in line with what some pollsters have discovered in recent surveys.

According to a recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll, roughly 20% of Sanders’ supporters indicated they had no intention of voting for Biden, and a full 60% of the senator’s backers expressed their decided lack of enthusiasm for the former vice president, The Hill reported.

Along those lines, a recent Pew Research Center poll found that approximately 47% of Sanders’ supporters had pointed to the stark differences in policy positions between Biden and Sanders as one of the main reasons that Democrats would struggle to fully coalesce behind the party’s eventual nominee, The Hill noted.

Baby steps

Weaver wrote in his memo that Biden’s recent leftward shift is a “good first step” in reaching out to Sanders’ supporters. Still, he urged that more needs to be done in that regard.

“Treating Sanders supporters as throw-away votes will ultimately be at the expense of the party, down-ballot candidates, and our ability to enact real policy solutions for Americans,” the former Sanders aide wrote, according to The Hill.

He went on: “Despite best intentions, the Biden campaign and the [Democratic National Committee] are far behind on digital organizing, Latino outreach, and progressive coalition-building — all critical to reaching and winning over Sanders supporters.”

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