Sarah Sanders slams Democrat lawmakers for taking trip to Puerto Rico amid shutdown

You’d think Democrats would be in Washington working to get this shutdown ended, but that was not the case over the last several days.

Many Democrats spent the weekend in Puerto Rico partying it up with lobbyists, and Sarah Sanders ripped them for it, tweeting: “Democrats in Congress are so alarmed about federal workers not getting paid they’re partying on the beach instead of negotiating a compromise to reopen the government and secure the border.”

The Big Party

The Dems’ trip to Puerto Rico is everything that is wrong with our government today.

It also shows where the loyalties of most of our politicians actually lie.

Once in office, they are not concerned about representing the people that actually voted for them.

What they are interested in is serving special interest groups and accepting what are essentially bribes from lobbyists.

Roughly 30 members of Congress were in Puerto Rico, where they were wined, dined, and treated to a special performance of Hamilton.

While this was going on, there was absolutely zero progress on the negotiations for the government shutdown.

Lining Their Pockets

A quick look at the sponsors of the event and it is very clear why Democrats were headed to the beach.

Among the top companies shelling out cash and treats for political influence were Amazon, Facebook, Comcast, and Microsoft.

While there was no official guest list offered to the media, none other than Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) was reportedly spotted on the beach.

That is not exactly a surprise, considering his past.

Menendez somehow beat corruption charges when anyone with common sense could see he was on the take — but he still seemed to make it to the island this weekend.

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Meanwhile, President Trump is still in the White House, waiting to negotiate — and his family is keeping their vacationing to a minimum, too.

“I’m not even in government and I’d get killed in the press if I was on vacation right now,” Donald Trump, Jr., who has often been criticized for his hunting trips, lamented over the weekend. “Why don’t they cover their [D]emocrat buddies[‘] lobbyist[-]sponsored vacation in the islands?”

Indeed, it sure would have been nice to see a reporter stick a microphone in Menendez’s face to hear him justify slurping down a margarita and splashing on sun tan lotion rather than being in D.C. working out a deal with the president.

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