Sarah Sanders skeptical of head-to-head polls predicting Trump defeat

To the delight of countless conservatives, a familiar face has returned to the political discourse.

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders appeared on Outnumbered: Overtime with host Harris Faulkner on Wednesday, and during her appearance, she analyzed the latest polls in which President Donald Trump takes on potential Democrat nominees in hypothetical head-to-head matchups.

It is safe to say that Sanders has full confidence in Trump’s chances this November.

Head-to-head matchups

According to Fox News, Sanders emphatically stated that she “doesn’t buy” head-to-head polls purporting to show current candidates for the Democratic nomination defeating Trump in the general election.

The former White House spokesperson pointed to Trump’s rising approval ratings and referenced a recent poll indicating that over 60% of Americans feel they are better off now than when Trump took office.

President Trump’s campaign isn’t about his potential opponents, it is based instead on touting the tremendous successes his administration has achieved, particularly with regard to the economy.

Democrats, meanwhile, spend a great deal of time talking about the evils of their Republican opponent, rather than discussing substantive policy positions.

The economy is often cited as the greatest indicator of election success, and it is difficult to dispute the economic boom that has occurred on Trump’s watch.

A recent poll found that the issues of greatest concern to American voters are the economy followed by healthcare and immigration — all areas on which the president has taken strong positions.

The story on the ground

Policy matters aside, the greatest evidence in support of Sanders’ skepticism about head-to-head polling can be seen on the ground, as President Trump’s rallies continue to draw massive, stadium-sized crowds, whereas Democrats regularly have trouble filling the smallest of venues.

Perhaps even more significantly, Trump’s ability to generate enthusiasm and voter turnout is apparent even at this early stage in the game, as evidenced by the fact that n the New Hampshire GOP primary, Trump set a turnout record for any previous incumbent president, pulling over 110,000 votes.

Despite it only being February, the Trump base is already raring to get to the polls to support their president, and thus it really is no wonder that Sanders’ confidence in his re-election is so high.

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