Conservative columnist says Sarah Sanders should be shunned for working for Trump

We expect liberal journalists to go after the Trump administration, but now they are under attack by conservatives as well.

Jennifer Rubin, a conservative columnist for the Washington Post, said Sarah Huckabee Sanders “should be shunned” for her work as Trump’s press secretary.


Sanders has always toed the line for Trump.

Her unending support of Trump has now upset journalists so much, they want her shut out of the ability to earn a living post-Trump presidency.

Jennifer Rubin is considered a conservative, but she sounds more like a spoiled liberal in this interview. Take a look:

To say Sanders should be completely shunned is a bit extreme.

False Narrative

Rubin is also buying into the new narrative that Trump is putting the life of journalists at risk now.

Because Trump is calling out the media for fake news, journalists are upset.

The best way to fix the problem is to report the truth without bias.

That is something they have proven to be incapable of doing during this administration.


Rubin herself has bitten into the poisonous apple the press is presenting these days.

She has been against Trump from virtually the beginning and is a perfect example of how a journalist lets his or her personal feelings get in the way of the actual news.

In some of her articles, she has called Trump an “arrogant fool” and a “flat-out racist.”

While she is entitled to her opinion about Trump, her accusations are completely unfounded.

Donald Trump the business owner was often lauded by minority communities and leadership for contributions to their community.

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Now, suddenly, he is a racist simply because it suits the liberal narrative.

To see a so-called conservative journalist buy into this nonsense is disappointing, to say the least.

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