Bernie Sanders says campaign released ‘substantive’ portion of his medical records

One of the biggest questions surrounding Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is whether the 78-year-old will be able to hold up to the rigors of the office.

Although he suffered a heart attack this past October,the Vermont senator said on Sunday that his campaign has released a “substantive” part of his medical records for all to see, The Hill reported, proving — at least in his eyes — that he in good health and fit to run the country.

Not like the others

There is no doubting the fact that Bernie Sanders’ popularity is at an all-time high in this country. The democratic-socialist has created a wave of support with promises of free education, free medical care, and a higher minimum wage.

He has no real plan to pay for all of this mind you, but the younger generation has latched onto this idea of entitlement and rallied behind the lifelong politician.

Even with all of this newfound support, though, there is a real question about Sanders being able to handle the rigorous work schedule and stress of being president for four years, let alone eight.

When people elect someone, they do so on the premise they will serve not one, but two terms in office. At 78, that would put Sanders in his mid-80s by the time his second term wrapped up.

Making things more difficult for Sanders is the fact he had a heart attack only four months ago. This makes him unlike any other candidate in the field right now, save Joe Biden.

Releasing the records

So much more than financial information, voters have a right to know about a candidate’s well-being when they are running for office.

When Bernie Sanders was asked about his records being released by NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday, he said, according to The Hill: “We have released as much documentation as any other candidate.”

Todd, for his part, pushed back: “No other candidates had a heart attack.”

In an effort to prove his fitness for office, Sanders countered that he is “running all over this country,” doing as many as five campaign events a day. Sanders also stated that he is trying to sleep better and walk more, per his doctor’s orders.

He has also had a total of three letters from his various doctors written shortly after his heart attack proclaiming the candidate is in good health and fit for service to our country. Still, he refused to commit to releasing any further documentation, The Hill noted.

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