Bernie Sanders’ wife confirms the senator is ‘up and about’ following emergency surgery

Earlier this week, Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) had quite the health scare. But things seem to be looking up.

Days after Sanders was rushed to a Nevada hospital for an emergency heart surgery, the Democrat’s wife has confirmed that he has been “up and about” and in good spirits while recovering from the procedure, The Hill reports.

The Emergency

Bernie Sanders was making a campaign stop in Nevada when he had his medical scare. He started to feel tightness in his chest during a primary event, and he was immediately rushed to the hospital.

It was then discovered that Sanders had a blocked artery and an emergency procedure was done to take care of the issue.

His campaign immediately announced that all future appearances would be canceled until further notice.

Sanders remains in the Las Vegas hospital, but he is expected to be released sometime this weekend to complete his recovery at his Vermont home.

Bad Timing Bernie

The timing of these medical issues for Bernie could not be worse. His age has been brought into question already, so having blockages in your arteries is not exactly the best way to instill confidence in voters.

While Sanders continues to do well in fundraising (he actually led all Democrats in the last quarter), it seems as though it is the same people donating over and over again to his campaign when they get paid.

How else could you possibly explain the fact he has barely budged an inch in the polls since the very first day of the primary?

The problem for Sanders is that he only appeals to one specific demographic of the country. For the most part, older Democrats want nothing to do with him and the majority of his support seems to be within the millennial demographic.

Bernie is going to have to get up and about sooner rather than later, because Democrats have another debate scheduled in two weeks. He is going to have to make a strong showing, too, as he has been overtaken by Elizabeth Warren in most polls.

Will this health scare cost him the White House?

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