Sarah Sanders posts hilarious tweet making fun of NBC

Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes the heat from the press day in and day out — but she can deal it, too.

The White House press secretary took a jab at NBC on Monday, writing on Twitter:

Bad Reporting

The tweet Sanders sent out included a picture taken over the holidays.

At the time, media outlets were pounding the president for not visiting our frontline troops during the Christmas holiday, as is a tradition.

What they didn’t know, however, was that Trump was actually already on the ground in the Middle East shaking hands with our troops.

For his protection, the trip was kept confidential.

Once again, though, the press assumed the worst and insisted on covering this president solely in a negative manner.

Egg on Their Face

Once the pictures started to come out from his trip, the media tried to save face by attacking the actual troops.

Why did they do this?

Well, apparently, some of the troops came to the president with MAGA hats, and liberals insisted that they were breaking military rules.

They actually wanted to bring charges against the troops for getting their hats signed.

It is virtually impossible to find a single pundit on cable news that has a positive thing to say about this president — except maybe Fox News.

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The rest of the media has collectively decided to cover him in a negative tone.

And that’s what makes Sanders’ tweet all the more enjoyable.

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