Sarah Sanders and Jeanine Pirro team up to demand James Comey’s indictment

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is a now a contributor for Fox News, and she is hitting the ground running.

While discussing James Comey with Judge Jeanine Pirro, Sanders called Comey both a “liar and a leaker” and agreed with Pirro that Comey would eventually be indicted.

Letting It All Air Out

Now that Sanders has her own platform, she no longer has to worry about the “niceties” of being the White House press secretary.

Sanders clearly has no love lost for James Comey, as she unleashed a vicious rant against the former FBI Director, and Judge Jeanine could not have been happier to facilitate the Comey bashing.

Sanders called Comey “unfit” to be the FBI director and expressed her full support for Trump’s decision to fire him. She also accused the disgraced former head of the FBI of being completely biased against Trump and pushing the Democrat agenda while he was the head of the agency.

She even challenged the Democrats to be honest with themselves because if they were, they would absolutely agree that Comey deserved what he got.

Vote of Confidence for Barr

For now, James Comey has managed to dodge any legal problems, but those days may be over soon.

One investigation into Comey has already been completed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general. While the IG did refer the case to the DOJ, Attorney General Bill Barr and company declined to prosecute at this time.

Everyone agreed Comey bent the rules to the point of breaking them, but there are some technicalities involved that would make it difficult to win that particular case.

However, Barr has several other probes still underway, one of which, according to Sanders, should result in Comey finally being brought to justice. That, of course, is the FISA warrant investigation.

On that topic, Pirro stated, “I believe in Bill Barr. I talk about the fact that he’s a slow locomotive. Nobody is going to get him off of the track. He’s going to get there. But I haven’t seen him do anything yet. Jim Comey has to be indicted for what he did. He defied the FISA court.”

Sanders completely agreed with Pirro’s assessment, which should provide some solace for Trump supporters who are waiting for the day when Comey is finally put into a jumpsuit.

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