Schweizer: Bernie Sanders used public office for ‘self-enrichment’

Presidential candidate and career politician Bernie Sanders has a sick secret he has been trying to bury: the Vermont senator has been posing as a socialist who is all in for the people, but the reality is he is just as corrupt as any other politician.

In fact, according to Government Accountability Institute (GAI) president Peter Schweizer, Sanders has spent his entire career in public office enriching his family.

So much for creating “an America based on justice and compassion, not greed and corruption.”

Profiles in corruption

According to Breitbart, Schweizer did an interview on Tuesday with Fox Business Network’s Mornings With Maria in which he discussed his new book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite.

“Over his years in public service, [Sanders] has steered taxpayer money, campaign money, and other funds to his family, and they used a variety of techniques including putting his wife, his then-girlfriend, later wife on the pay payroll without the approval of the Burlington city council,” Schweizer alleged.

Indeed, like almost all politicians, Sanders has made himself and his family incredibly wealthy through politics.

Schweizer pointed specifically to Sanders’ wife, Jane Driscoll. Sanders allegedly used his position as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, to get her a position as head of his administration’s youth office.

While the position was initially unpaid, Sanders put her on the payroll over objections from the city council, so the story goes. And after the two married, Driscoll received a hefty pay raise.

But the shady dealings of Bernie Sanders don’t stop there. Sanders and his wife were also investigated over the closing of Burlington College. Despite suspect financial documentation and mismanagement, neither were charged, although they also were not entirely exonerated, a report from The Hill notes.

Sanders in the swamp

If Schweizer’s allegations are true, Bernie Sanders may be the biggest fraud in politics — not because of what he has done, but because of the image he has carefully created to promote his socialist ideals.

Sanders has created a voting base who truly believes he will change Washington, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The self-proclaimed democratic-socialist is right in lockstep with the same Democrats attacking the only person willing to change anything: President Trump. Trump made it his campaign platform to drain the swamp, and he’s made good on that promise. President Sanders, meanwhile, will be the same as Mayor Sanders: corrupt and self-serving.

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