Press Secretary Sarah Sanders obliterates CNN for attacks on military personnel

After seeing liberal networks try to land military members in the brig after President Donald Trump and his wife Melania visited the troops on Wednesday, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said enough is enough.

Sanders obliterated CNN for dedicating a full day to going after military members serving in a war zone for asking President Trump for his autograph on Make America Great Again hats, writing:

A New Low

It is one thing for the media to after President Trump. We expect that.

But to seek out trouble for military veterans is low even for CNN.

The “controversy” started when a video of the Trumps’ trip to see troops showed the president signing hats and posing for selfies with military members.

The fact that military members support their president clearly outrages the media, so they are now going to try to punish them for it.

The fact that the network is promoting an investigation into these soldiers is both absurd and insulting.

Seeing the president is moment our troops live for, and now the media wants to punish them for showing patriotism and admiration for their president.

Tell Me It Hasn’t Happened Before

It would be one thing if this was something new, but this has clearly happened before.

Presidents visiting troops in war zones during the holidays is a time-honored tradition.

Can you honestly tell me that the soldiers who supported Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama did not have a campaign hat, button, or poster on hand when they got their autographs?

Do they really expect the president to tell a soldier who is putting his or her life on the line every day, “No, sorry, I can’t sign that for you because it is a political slogan”?

Do they really think that is what these soldiers are thinking at that exact moment?

No — they are simply excited to see their president and want something to remember the moment.

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CNN’s insistence otherwise is ludicrous, despicable, and outright un-American.

They can hate the president if they want, but our soldiers shouldn’t be caught in the crossfire of their campaign to take down Donald Trump.

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