Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders named in CNN lawsuit against White House

After CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta lost his press pass to the White House after he put his hands on an intern and refused to give up the microphone at a press conference, CNN went after the Trump administration with both barrels.

The network, supporting Acosta, has filed a lawsuit naming not only the president, but also some of his top aides, including Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The Denial

CNN has argued that the White House’s decision to revoke Acosta’s press pass is a violation of the reporter’s First Amendment rights — but that is hardly the case.

He disrespected the president.

He disrespected an intern, as well.

These are the reasons he lost his press credentials.

Not Unprecedented

But if you heard the story from liberals, you’d think what Trump did prior to Acosta’s outburst was an outrage.

How dare the president talk to a reporter in such a manner?

But he wasn’t the only one to do such a thing.

Let’s take a quick trip back in history to when the “fearless leader” Barack Obama did something very similar.

This is then-President Obama dressing down Neil Munro of the Daily Caller:

Obama also criticzed Major Garrett for a question about American hostages in Iran. Take a look:

Obama also kicked someone out of a press conference by physically ejecting them. (Notice the cocky wave of the hand to security as though he is a king dismissing a subject in the video below.)

What President Trump did is not unprecedented when a reporter gets out of hand and disrespects a president.

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It has just become a major issue now because Trump is the president and not the “all-knowing” and “always-right” Barack Obama.

Looks like it’s once again time for liberals to take a look in the mirror before coming after POTUS 45.

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